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Eagle Bus Ministries (EBM)

Eagle Bus Ministries is the realization of a dream of two men who had a desire to assist and support local churches, schools, religious organizations and other non-profit ministries or organizations in reaching their charitable and religious objectives by providing safe and reliable bus transportation at little or no cost. As time passed the economy and laws governing not-for-profit organizations made it needful for Eagle Bus Ministries to move from a not-for-profit organization to a for-hire charter service.

Eagle Bus Ministries makes every attempt to continue providing safe and reliable bus transportation at the best possible price. We have expanded our services, upgraded our training and certifications, and are modernizing our fleet of buses.

School Pupils Activity Bus (SPAB). Eagle Bus Ministries, LLC drivers and buses are certified by the California Department of Education, California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the California Highway Patrol. Each of our buses is on a regular service and inspection schedule with records maintained as required by federal and state regulation and guidelines. All records and equipment are regulated and audited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. Each SPAB certified driver maintains appropriate training and certification of annual continuing education hours. All other drivers are also provided with annual familiarity checks on all equipment operated.

All other tour services are provided in accordance with the regulations and standards as provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


Both EBM entities are fully insured as required by California law and regulation. Cerificates of Insurance are available as required by contract.